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Our firm is dedicated to training technicians across all service industries to become expert communicators. We recognize that technicians possess exceptional technical knowledge though often struggle with the necessary communication skills to effectively engage with clients. This communication gap will almost always result in dissatisfied clients and reduced revenue for the service companies.

In response to this, our founder designed a comprehensive training program focused on developing structured communication for technicians. The program is tailored to fit well with all service industries, covers a wide range of topics, including active listening, effective questioning and empathetic communication.

The training program was delivered by highly skilled and experienced communication experts with a deep understanding of customer dissatisfaction with service industry professionals. The course is designed to point out nuances, coupled with a structured path for technicians to follow in order to effectively communicate with clients in a professional and concise manner.

We are confident that as a result of our training, technicians of all levels will become strong communicators, finally bridging the gap once and for all.

OUR Mission

At Vienna Consulting, we are committed to our mission of providing exceptional training services to our clients, helping them optimize the performance, efficiency, and sustainability of their business. We strive to be a trusted partner, offering tailored solutions with a major emphasis on quality, technique, and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to set the industry standard and achieve measurable value for our clients.

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